Monday, 10 August 2015

Institutional pride in one’s heritage?
Is there a growing disregard for values?
Musselburgh race course, 10th Aug. 2015: Lack of both adherence to convention and care for the Lion Rampant. 
The racecourse has promoted itself as being the first race course in the UK to hold a race meeting on Good Friday link. What values can be inferred from these observations? 

Musselburgh Tolbooth, 10th Aug. 2015: It had been hanging like that for well over a week. Have raised the matter with thee Councillors. Despite their statements that officials have been notified, and the first statement was received before 10:10am, 11th Aug, the flag was still in same state at 10:30pm - 12 hours later. Who cares? That East Lothian council officers apparently had already been asked to sort this out 'without success', invites the question whether those asked care? After all 'it is only a flag' - but then again people die for their flag - it is a symbol. 



c & d)

Edinburgh Memorial to the War Dead, City Chambers, , (a) 7th Aug. 2015 - the 'Festival' (b) 8th Aug. 2015: showing respect?  the unknowing innocent / the disrespectful other? (c & d) 11th August 2015: Barricaded in  'under siege'.  
Note the positioning of the official ‘brollies’ - who is the sponsor?  Moreover, the Evening News reports: Memorial plaques to urge buskers to move on link 11th Nov, 2014. Progress?

Who cares?